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Earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia


On August 5, 2018, a 6.9-magnitude earthquake has hit Indonesia beloved island, Lombok.

So far, 460 people has been killed and the number is still rising. Meanwhile countless of smaller magnitude earthquakes are still happening until now, hindering the rescue effort.

Within a blink, parents lost their children, kids became orphans, families lost their beloved ones, almost everything was shattered into pieces and thousands of people are homeless, cold and in hunger.


To say it's been devastating, is an understatement. There will be many years needed to re-build this beautiful majestic island. It needs us.


Lombok needs us. Yes, you and me! LOMBOK NEEDS EVERYONE'S HELP!

Please, come to this Fundraising Night for Lombok.

Together, we can make Lombok beautiful. Once again !

Call for tickets : Monika (587)580-7881

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